Thursday, 26 February 2015

My photos of Mexico

I have started to select and upload my photos. Here you can find them (grouped by days).

In the same time I enhance the posts with the 'More photos' links to the related albums.

Update on 13/12/2105:
The link above is no more accessible thanks to some change Google introduced  in Photos.
I also experienced that the 'More photos' links gives you the photos in enjoyable resolution only of you are logged into some Google account (though no matter which one).
I apologise.
Though here you can find a selection of photos here.  

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Chicago and the surprises

Arrived to Chicago after 10 pm so looked around the terminal, unsuccessfully called the hotel service that was suggested by the airline and was promised to get the lowest rate available. Than found a quiet corner to sleep. A man in the uniform of the airport passed by and asked whether I plan to spend overnight there. I answered positively and asked if it a problem is. His replay was: 'Nice shoes, nice bag... Take care.' So I put my nice shoes into my nice backpack to reduce the risk info half.:) And was starting to set myself into a confortable position when the man returned carrying a camping bed. For me! Surprise #1.

(I have to admit that I am strangely affected by sleeping in unusual places: in an abandoned stone mine; in a cave 100ms below the surface; under the sky without tent; in a tent in snow; in a bivaque hut planned to use only in case of emergency; alone in a dormitory of 20; with 19 other person in a dorm of 20; in the meeting room of the office; in the Chicago airport on a camping bed.)

Without visa I did not expect to be let out of the transit area and enter the US. But I was allowed. Surprise #2.

So I get up early, that was supported by the man requesting back his camping bed shortly after 5 am, and set off for the city center.

It was freezing cold. Or I was just not used to this temperature in this season.:) The display showed 11 degree and most probably in Fahrenheit.

Without directly seeking for it or even was very sure that it is in this city I was able to find the Cloud Gate. Surprise #3.

Given that my set of clothes was not optimized for this temperature after a bit more than an hour spending in the city I returned to the airport.

Ps: The US definitely has the feature that everybody speaks English so even the simplest people could understand your question.

More photos

Bosque de Chapiltepec and the metro

On the day of my departure I planned to visit the Bosque de Chapultepec, that is a big park (or forest as its name states) with two lakes, a little hill with a castle housing the Museo Nacional de Antropología. And cheeky squirrels.

Travelling on the metro in Mexico City is quite entertaining. There are some 'program' all the time.

Almost in each stop gets on somebody selling more or less useful things like: snacks, headsets, creams, led lamps, hair gums. Or selling music cd with a hangfal demonstrate them or begging with singing songs. I guess the later ones got money just to stop.

...But maybe after a week these events are rather annoying to entertaining.

Also a good feature that in the rush hours there are some carriage (and also a section on the peron) where only women and children are allowed to enter. Despite of if there was such a crowd at some morning that the metros was not able to take in all of the people for at least 15 minutes so at the end I chose to walk.

More photos

Xochimilco and the canals

My last full day in Mexico.

Xochimilco had been a separate town that was swallowed by the capital but kept the both peaceful and vivid atmosphere.

It's main attractions are the channels where you can travel with cheerfully coloured boats (for a good price, of course) and can see the floating gardens.

It is also worth just stroll on the streets where you bump into little bridges crossing the branches of the canals time after time and you can observe birds hunting for fishes making vivid the shallow water.

Toward the center and around the market the streets are full of the vivid noises of everyday life, that was dominated by the cheerful ones of the children on them way to home.

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Complication around my return -- it is ok now

If you change flight in the US you need a permission called ESTA. I faced this fact only when I was not allowed to check in on the airport.

You can apply for ESTA online filling in a form with all of your details except for your dog's name. First I starts to fill in an other form by mistake and I was surprised why it insists on my address to stay in the US. After a while it was said that I do not meet a 'transit visa' only an ESTA. Than I started to collect all of the required info: my id number, the address of my last employs, etc.

When I finished even with paying the administration fee of $14 it was 3:30 pm. Officially my flight for Chicago should had set off at 3:00 pm. Fortunately and unfortunately it has a delay of at least 2 hours. So I was able to check in with the kind help of the friendly stuff that I appreciate but in return I will miss my flight to Europe so I have to spend almost a whole day in Chicago.

But I am on my way with full of beautiful experiences and colorful pictures.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Sweet little VW Beetles (VW bogár). A lot.

Taxco is a pretty village climbing up on the mountain side. So its vertical size is comparable the horizontal one. Mountains are all around.

Lots of VW cars are used, mainly for taxies, as they can climb up in steep slopes because the back wheels are driven (hátsó kerék meghajtású).

The silver mine nearby and jewelry are the causes the prosperity of the town.

More photos

Basic English

I have learned a new word in English that seems to be one of the basic ones. As a proof here is the conversation between a Mexican guide and me at the entrance of the Placio Nacional:
Guide: Do you want to see the murals?
Aniko: Pardon?
Guide: Do you want to see the murals?
Aniko: What does 'murals' mean?
G: Do you speak English?
A: Yes, but I don't know this word.
G: Do you speak English and don't know what does 'mural' mean??? [With the intonation like: 'How on Earth could you state that you speak English if you do not know such a basic word like 'mural'???')


Yesterday I visited an archeological place where some colorful decoration of the walls remained and we can see them either on them original place or in the museum of the site together with numerous devices and sculptures and useful explanations, even in English.

You can climb the Pyramid of the Sun and enjoy the nice view over the smaller pyramids surrounded by the hilly landscape full of cactuses.

I also visited the Basilica de Guandalipe that is a vast, modern, circle-based building, that can his over 20,000 people.

More photos

Cathedral and around

In Mexican cities the main square called 'Zocalo'. Usually it is a nice park. Not in Mexico City. There it is a paved square with no else decoration than a huge Mexican flag in the middle. No plants, no shadow.

On the Zocalo we can find the lavishly decorated Cathedral and the 'Placio Nacional'. In the second one there are murals (huge paintings) on the wall depicting the life in Mexico before the Spanish and them influence in a stunning way.

Also visited the square around the Santo Domingo church and ate 'quesadilla' there.

More photos

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mexico city, the final destination

Arrived to Mexico City successfully. The hostel resembles a good old and moderately clean student hostel but as a result of some issue around my reservation I got a private room so I am ok with it.:)

After a bit of thinking, asking and examining the map it was easy to find a metro to the hostel.

A bit more Querétaro

I realised that my affection toward a town highly depends on the peoples I come across.
I really like Queretaro. People I meet are relaxed and kind and helpful and usually enthusiastic about communicating with me in Spanish.
I had a nice conversation with Ana, a Mexican lady, who is from Mexico DF but moved to Querétaro many-many years ago and now directs an organization that gives work for 16 disabled people, who bake delicious cakes.

Today I ate some tortilla-like thing that has blueish grey color, that seemed to be artificially coloured for me. But it turned out that the black corn causes this strange color. (If I had understood the explanation well.)
In Mexico they have 4 type / colour of corns: yellow, white, red and black. From the red one they make orange tortillas.

The public transportation (buses) represents both end of the scale from worn-out till super posh and modern. On the first class bus you have your own display with numerous movies to choose from (in Spanish, of course:)), headset, 2 toilets (one for men and one for women), air-conditioning and plush pad for your feet. But eg. some of the local buses (called 'taxibus') Queretaro or the 2nd (3rd, 4th?) class coaches are really worn out with several dents, sometimes stopping engines, dirty curtains rich in holes or the most simple blinders: The upper part of the windshield and the windows are sprayed black.

Ah, I have almost forgotten about the most thrilling experience of the day: Is it real or only my imagination that the music of the film in the 'Museo de la Casa de la Zacatecana' is an adaptation of a Hungarian folk song and contains parts like: 'Szakajt egyet róla' or 'Túrót eszik a cigány'? Hungarian speakers around, could you please confirm it or disappoint me?

You might noticed that this post is a bit longer than the former ones. It is because I am writing it on a bus toward Mexico DF, where I have time. I just realised that people here use them smartphones, tablets, notebooks or all the three in the same time (I really have seen such) without having feet of being robbed. Just to do as the locals do I have starts to follow the examples.

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Peña de Bernal

Hummingbird, squirrel, cactuses, the third biggest monolit of the world with nice climbing routes (yummy), nice tiny town.

..Ok, the hummingbird (or some similar entity that is tiny, flies and has long beak) was yesterday.

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Friday, 6 February 2015


Colorful houses (again), churches, ex-convent with an expressive aquaduct built as the only result of a true love.

Nice hostel with fine view from its roof terrace.

Just counted that I needed to wash my clothes only one more time, that was a clear sign that the end of my journey was approaching. :'(

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Thursday, 5 February 2015


The downtown of Puebla is full of lavishly ornamented churches and colorful houses sometimes decorated with tiles.

I visited the Museo Amparo that is architecturally an exciting combination of the legacy and the modern. Its facade is a nice old building decorated by bricks and tiles but some part of the inside area is quite modern, full of glasses (or glass-like plastic) that provides a bit sterile atmosphere. The greatest feature is its roof-terasse that provides a fine view above the city.

The other museum I visited was the 'Casa de Alfeñique' that hosts a nice exhibition of the 16th century. The building with its gurgeous decoration with tiles and paintings is at least as interesting that the exhibition. Even the narrow gaps between the beams(?) are pained!

'El Parián' Craft Market

More photos

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cholula, Popocatépetl and the angels

I arrived to Puebla de los Angeles ie. 'the city of the angels'. I had an exciting conversation with Paty. In Spanish. Since than I have realised that her English is quite good so today we used much less Spanish than English.

Today I visited Cholula, a cozy, sleepy town with several nice churches, library of antique books and a chapel built on the top of a pyramid and thus provides a fine view of the town and the two beautiful fivethousender volcanoes: Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl.

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Monte Alban and the grasshoppers

Today we visited an other archeological place called Monte Alban.

After that we were strolling in the local market buying foods and trying things that we (er, me) had not tried before. Eg. fried grasshoppers. That was delicious:) though a bit spicy for me.

I just realised how big and diverse Mexico is. Not only the traditional costumes change almost city by city. Also the fauna differs. Here the landscape rather savanna-like with lots of types of cactuses as opposed to the lush rainforests that dominated before.

Tuc-tucs (a 3-wheeled vehicle with an engine in the front and seats for two passengers behind the driver) appeared as a kind of alternative of the tricycles that carried a big basket on them front wheels that is used for carrying different stuff even peoples.

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Frozen waterfalls of boiling water

Yesterday we visited the 'Hierve el Agua' that means 'boiling water'. It is called boiling, because there are bubbles in the water come up from the stone and straps behind dams (mésztufagát) for a while forming pools to swim in, before fall down on giant and gorgeous stalactites. Because of the bright whiteness of the stone the cascades
seem to be frozen.

'Árbol de Tule'. Said to be the widest tree of the World.

Mitla, archeological place, built by Zapotecs.

Beautiful, colorful rugs in Theotitlán de Valle.

Trying the local 'pálinka' called 'mezcal' that is made of a cactus-like plant called 'agave'.

More photos

Friday, 30 January 2015


Arrived to Oaxaca with the nightly bus.

After having a shower we set off to discover the city: ate at the market place; visited some of the churches, the catedral and the museum and drank chocholate (of course).

It just came into my mind that I did not write about food and drinks. So here it is:

The main spice is the chili. They can eat everything with chily. Even the mango. Seriously.

The second most important spice is the sugar. If something is sweet than that is usually really-really sweet. I can easily consume my weakly supar portion in a single day. I hope I will not. Or at least not too often.

I really enjoy the lots of fruite and fresh juice here. Easy to make an ice cream: just fruit and water and sugar (of course:)).

More photos

Sumidero Canyon

Big, lazy crocodiles. They might be over them daily portion of tourists for today.:)

Numerous different birds.

A new type of iguana: a yellow and black one. Zuzmoka said that he wanted to be a iguana when he grew up.

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Zinacatán & San Juan Chamula

In these two villages of Mayas around San Cristobal people are still practicing them old customs, wearing traditional dresses making clothes, toys and other things by hand. Women are carrying them child in a huge textile as a special big package.

The church of Chamula is a Mayan church from the time before Christof Columbus and the catholicism arrived.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

San Cristóbal de las Casas

San Cristobal is a real box of jewelries. Shiny houses, elaborately decorated churches, vivid market with colorful fruits and vegetables, handicraft market with carvings and textiles in all colors of the rainbow made by the locals, traditional costumes. Colors, colors, colors everywhere. Bright and saturated and vibrant and jolly. Jolly spiffing.:)

Ate corns, mango and tamales.

Bet is so talented in choosing hostels. The one in San Cristóbal is a rustic one with big places and special atmosphere. Ah, and did I mention that in Palenque our bungalow resided practically in the jungle. I think I will keep Bet as my travel mate.;)

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Real rainforest with real rain. Ruins of Palenque are remained in quite a good shape. Mystic-foggy rainforest surrounded the buildings and make the scene even more spectacular.

The waterfalls of Aqua Azul flow through huge natural dams (mésztufagát) that I have never seen before.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Chetumal & around

Fresh guanabana juice, eating at the local market, watching the tortilla manufacture in work, visiting a quite quiet archeological place (Oxtancah) with a great guide explaining the building and the trees, tiny cenote in the jungle with even tinier turtle, footprints of 'tigrillas'.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bacalar & around

Today I took part in a yoga session that was organised only for me. I felt to be special. It took a little time to realize that not I am the special but the people here.

After some breakfast(?) in a local restaurant with the yoga team Bet and the two Nayeli (mother and daughter) and myself went to Backalar visiting the beautiful and peaceful leagues and the deep blue and unbelievably deep cenote. And snacking all the time, that said to be typical Mexican.:)

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Arrived to Chetumal

Snorkelling in the morning, long travel (relatively), arriving to Chetumal, meeting Bet.
Khm, I mean: MEETING BET!!! :)

Friday, 23 January 2015

Isla Mujeres

Pineapple pie, turtle farm, vast amount of different, colourful fishes.

No WiFi for a whole day. (Survived.;))

Started to get bored of leguanes.

More photos
Even more photos :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I have learned a lot of Mexican Spanish today as follows: The statement that the one and only ADO bus back from Cobá is 'completo' and there is no other option to return than 'solo taxi' means that 'you could buy your ticket back on the spot even 10 minutes after the official start time of the bus'.

Otherwise the place was nice, fully covered by jungle, that still amaze me. The diversity of forms and unknown trees, that happily grow on the side or even the top of the ancient buildings. The never-seen-before animals that let you fairly close. A handful of rusty and yellow birds hunting for ants just under our nose. Iguanas, that have two 'mode': sneaking (lopakodó) and turbo (csörtetô). Usually they use the sneaking mode: moving slowly and prudentially with them belly slipping on the ground. But if they are frightened or just in hurry to a date than they switch to turbo mode: elevate them belly from the ground and start to run more fast than elegantly.

It was a bit disappointing for me that it was not allowed to enter the buildings or climb the pyramids except of the highest one. But that one was a stunning experience to see the vast jungle from the top. I just imagined how gorgeous could be a sunset or sunrise from there.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tulum city

Today I was a tiny bit of nervous as according to the HostelWorld all cheep hostel was overbooked for today days in advance. Indeed I had plan B (stay in Playa del Carmen instead) Tulum city seemed to be more comfortable to visit Cobá and Tulum ruins. But fortunately I got bed at the second hostel I dropped in. Happy end for today.:)

Tulum beach and ruins photos

Monday, 19 January 2015

Izamal, the golden city of piramides

Today I visited Izamal. There is a tones of pyramids (at least 6) inside the city, just in the backyard of some houses. I climbed only the biggest one called Kinich Kakmo that said to be the the 5th highest among all of the Maya pyramids. It seemed to be quite abandoned: in ruined state, no sharp edges or proper stairs. Also the nature started to occupy back its property, trees are growing on the side and a proper little forest cowered the first 'floor' providing hideaway for orange and black birds and sunbathing iguanas.

Izamal is called the golden city as the majority of its houses are painted bright yellow giving cheerful atmosphere to the place.

I looked around in the convent, visited the folk art museum, strolled in the yellow streets, chatted with the friendly owner of a tiny organic shop, bought some fruits and vegetables on the market and returned Merida enough early to write this blog.:)

More photos

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Flamingoes, pelicans, alligators. Nothing special.:)

Today I visited Celestún that is the most popular place to observe flamingoes beside Río Lagartos. Earlier the flamingoes staid here only winter but nowadays you can see them whole year.

The mangrove forest in the laguna is the home of several types of see birds and with a little luck you can see crocodiles as well. We had luck.:)

Beyond hiding animals the other features of the mangroves are producing vast amount of oxygen, colour the water red and present beautiful mysterious atmosphere inside. Even the crocodiles do not want to break the relaxed atmosphere pretending to be logs.

Crocodiles are the main predators of flamingoes that are making a lot of noise and thus not so elegant than in photos or TV.

Pelicans are cool guys letting us quite close. We can see some of them on the open see as well around the fishing boats.

Related link for Hungarian speakers:

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Chichén Itzá

Chichén Itzá, iguanas, jungle, hot. Swimming in the Cenote X-Kekén among andor under gorgeous stalactites, black fishes and shy bats.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Alice in Wonderland

Today I made a lazy day to came over the jetlag that was not so awful that I had expected.

'Early' morning around 9 am I went for a walk in Cancun. I just felt as I would be in some dream: the everything was a bit of different: unusual trees on the street, unknown spices and vegetables in the shop. I cannot wait to meet Bet and ask about all of these mysterious:) stuff.

After that I was travelled to Valladolid. The Spanish lesson was included in the bus ticket (played a film in Spanish:)).

I do not know how did it happen but in Valladolid I bumped into a tiny but cozy chocolate museum, manufacture and 'chocoteria'. So I must taste it.:) The drink contained only chocolate bean and water. It was quite bitter but not unbearable. I just learned than the choco beans here are not fried just dried on the sun following the Mayan tradition and that results less bitter taste and more good ingredients remain in the chocolate.

I also visited the cenote in the middle(!) of the city. Cenote is a hole created by a ceiling of a limestone cave was fallen down. There are great number of cenotes in the Yucatán peninsula.

More photos

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

arrieved to Cancun

Arrived successfully.

Had a pet on the airplane: an ant between the glasses of the window. De verdad.

Yesterday afternoon (today according CET:)) I had an entertaining conversation with two travellers from Bogota. It was entertaining as my Spanish was slightly better than them English. You can imagine...

Photos from the airplane

Thursday, 8 January 2015

"The more you experience, the better off you are."

These were the words of my ex-boss (and later best friend) when wanted to comfort me seeing my uneasiness leaving the company and thus his project. He was completely right. So I continue 'exploring'. This time I set off for Mexico.

Why exactly Mexico? I become interested in Mexico after meeting Bet (la mexicana:)) during our walk the Camino de Santiago. Her openness, cheerfulness, and spontaneity made me suddenly interested in the culture and country she is from.

So I will spend a whole month in this colorful, vivid and diverse country.
You can find my rough plan here.

With Bet in Budapest