Welcome to my travel blog.

Originally I created this blog to keep relatives, friends, acquaintances and foreigners:) in the loop during and regarding my Camino in May & June 2013.

Meanwhile I have decided to continue and extend this blog with my new travel experiences.

Telling the through I am a bit of confused about writing this blog because on the one hand I would like to share my experience and on the other hand I want to be present than and there that might not allow me to spend too much time or energy with writing.

So if you are lucky you will find new posts every now and again. If you are even more lucky then the new entries will be written in English so you can understand them. If you do not find any new post than I am lucky and have so many things to see and experience that no time remains to write. :)

If we have not met before here is some words about me:
I am a unique mixture of human, woman, engineer and a pinch of coach and mountaineer.
I was born in 1976. I do not put down how old I am as this is continuously changing. :)
I am from Székesfehérvár, living in Budapest, Hungary, East Europe, Earth.