Monday, 22 April 2019

Different dimensions

"Soon you can see the mountains" said Raj, our guide on an altirude about 2800m, at the beginning of our hike. Hey, 2800m is a proper mountain in Europe. I needed to realise that Himalaya is not comparable with Europe. Here we walked to 3800m on a hiking route in a forest and without any technical difficulty. In the same time in Europe this altitude is covered with snow and getting there requires equipments like crampons, ice axes or even rope. Here we can see snow only on 5000ers. Ok-ok we saw some traces of snow from winter around 4000 in the shadow.
We walked in mixed forests of pine trees and non-evergreens (like rhododendrons) till about 4000. Here the fauna changed to meadow with bushes.
The first snowfall was on 4400m and it stayed only for the night as temperature during the day is over 0 grad Celsius.

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