Thursday, 18 April 2019

6th day: snowing

6th day.
It was snowing at the night. The whole village was white early morning. It melted heavily so till noon not only the snow disappeared but streets are dried up and become dusty again.
This day we did an acclimatisation hike on the nearby mountain and reached the elevation of our next day sleep: 4900m.
Our hike started in quite warm and sunny weather and later it became foggy and started snowing. Though we were a bit higher, around 4800m, the landscape resembled High Tatra: we walked among scattered granite rock with the green thingy on the surface that becomes slippery when wet, some low bushes trying to be close the surface and resembles the high altitude pine trees (torpefenyo). And all of this covered by snow. And it snowed big flakes like in fery tales. So I really enjoyed it.
We returned around 1pm to the lodge, have delicious lunch and took a rest.

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