Thursday, 11 April 2019

Arrieved to Kathmandu

Our way to Kathmandu was quite smooth though there was some delay in our flight. First we took off later to avoid the early morning fog in Kathmandu and before landing we were delayed because of the lack of free parking slots. We landed around 9 am local time and left the airport about 11 am. The time is here CET + 3:45.
It turned out that because some construction work at the Kathmandu airport the flight to Lukla does not set off from here but from Ramechap city 5 hours ride from here. So Raj, our guide suggested to sleep in Mulkot city in between, 3-4 hours ride from here and 1 hour to Lukla. So we just run around Katmandu, bought missing clothes and water sanitiser. And around 4 pm we hit the road again.
Tomorrow set off at 5 am to be st the airport by 7 and take off at 8. I plan is sleep for the next 2 days...

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