Tuesday, 9 April 2019

"Because it's there."

Hitting the road again. This time we hike the Everest Base Camp Trek. Er..., I mean we try.

I know Csilla from our travel in Australia. Csilla was on the Everest Base Camp Trek some years ago in autumn. She loved the area and wanted to see in spring as well. Plus that time she was not able to reach the Base Camp because of some light illness and the time she lost by going down to a village with a doctor. So she was determined to return and she succeed to 'recruit' a team of 4 to do it in this spring. So out team is: Csilla, Reni, Patricia and myself: Aniko.

Reni will climb the Island Peak (6 189m) as well. This is a 'real' climbing with ropes and crampons and ice tools. Pretty exciting. ;)
As I am also a trained and experienced climber, Reni asked me if I join her in Island Peak. My answer was definitely negative as I have never been even close to this altitude, and has no idea how can my body cope with it.

I was only once over 4000m (Lyskamm Occidentale 4480m, Alps, Europe) and a couple of times between 3500 and 4000m (Orlter, Midi, Grossglockner x2, Grossvenediger; all in the Alps, Europe). And my experience was that I acclimatised slower than my mates. So I am curious how will it be this time. Fortunately Csilla planned an extra aclimatisation day around 4200m (comparing to the 'standard' base camp track) so I really hope that I will manage it.

I am quite excited about this travel and hike. I have never been to Asia (except of the Asian part of Turkey: Cappadocia) so I am curious about the atmosphere and feeling of the whole. I have never seen such a high mountains in real so I am interested in a feeling being among them. I am interested in the culture, the habits of the locals, the beliefs and stories, and the churches and monasteries. And I am interested in the stories of my fellow travelers.

Zuzmóka is just saying good-bye to my crampons and ice axe: we will not need them.

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