Saturday, 27 April 2019

16th day: from Lukla to Lukla

This day we were supposed to fly to Ramechhap where we can drive to Kathmandu. The weather had other decision.
Our accommodation is 5 minutes walk from the airport so early morning (around 6am) we heard airplanes to fly. We were at 7am at the airport, did the security check-in but unfortunately the flight route become foggy so flying was stopped. Around noon some passenger decided to pay 2500 USD / 5 person to fly with helicopter to Katmandu. We hoped for the change of the weather.
In the meantime guides and accommodation owners walked in and out of the security gate and tried to inform their guest.
Around 1pm the one and only airplane in Lukla airport (the rest of the planes were in Ramechhap) was closed and parked so we went to the accommodation for a lunch. There we water for further info and around 4pm the final decision was arrived: no flight today. So we went to the airport and collected our checked in luggage from the runway.
We occupied our accommodation again and searched for some wifi (succeeded :)).
Tomorrow we try it again. The little worry is that tomorrow will first fly the ones who has originally ticket to tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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