Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Jumping Crocs

On Sunday we visited the 'Jumping Crocodiles' at Adelane river. The 'show' was run by 2 biologist who knows crocs as they friends. They told that the crocs has personalities. We saw cca. 6 of them and the biggest one was over 5m. The lady hanged fresh meal on a pole above the river and the crocodiles jumped to catch it, showing their chest and sometimes front legs. And tooth, of course. At the end the lady let them to catch the meat as their reward for the performance. We cold see the nest of one of the female one -- though without anything in it this time. We can also see the biggest bird,of the continent: macmac, that was also feed by the lady. And some smaller predator bird.

(photo by Csilla Chlebik)

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