Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Aboriginal Culture

On Sunday and Monday we have visited rock painting sites and an aboriginal center where we learned a lot about the aboriginal culture. Here is some pieces:
The Rainbow Serpent is one of the main ancestor of the aborigines. She tends to swallow people.
Mimi Spirit was the first who started rock painting and taught this art to some of the aborigines. She is quite thin and tall. There was a painting cca. 6-8 high from the ground. And this was Mimi's art. She just took the rock, painted it and placed back to its original place. It is also said that Mimi is invisible by the non-aboriginals, that must be true as I did not see her.
It is said that the act of painting is more important than the result. A painting is forbidden to damage as that could hurt the spirit. Though it is ok to paint on the top of an other painting so several layers of paintings are created.

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