Monday, 4 September 2017


1st September. The first day of spring. So some warm 35 degree Celsius changed the chilly 32 degree that we had before.:)

Indeed there is no spring in the norden area, the seasons are: cold (June - July), hot dry (Aug. - Sept.), pre-monsoon storms (Oct. - Nov.), monsoon (Dec.- Mar.), knock'em down storms (April), cooler bot still humid (May). So we are in the middle of the dry season. We can see huge river beds without water. We can see simply disappearing rivers. I mean there was a 'proper' river in one side of the bridge and only 'lakes' in the trace of the river and in the far no water at all.

There were lots of 'floodway' warning sign along the road and I could hardly imagine that this dry land is covered by water at some season.

An other day we just passed by a wooden shelter at least 5m above the present water-level of the nearby creek. The shelter was cca. 6-8 m tall and it was signed on the roof which year where was the water level. The this year (2017) sign was quite close to the top...

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