Thursday, 21 September 2017

Animals / Terrestrial Mammals (and Emu :))

No, we did not see wombats as they live only in east-south part of Australia. So I cannot confirm nor deny that they poop cube. ;)

Instead we saw kangaroos and emus:, i mean these:

And koalas:

Though koalas do not live naturally here they were just transported to the Kalbarri National Park along with some eucalyptus trees. As koalas are not extremely eager to move they stayed.

We saw wild dogs or dingoes at the side of the road:

They said not to attack people but we did not leave the car to pet them....

And we saw lots of cows:

Speaking of mammals: Look at that strangely smelling fruits on that tree., take a closer look ...even closer: the cutest animal for the cavers: bats.

(Just to make it clear: All of the photos are made by me, so we actually saw all these animals. And even more. Stay tuned. :))

(Note2: Hey, I do know that emu is not a mammal. Somehow it just comes together with the kangaroos...)

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