Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Santiago de Compostela

The worst weather during the whole Camino Frances, but we took the last kms joking with friends. Arriving. Big hugs. Champagne. Emotions. Pilgrim mass. Going to the albergue. Having lunch with Camino-friends. Collecting the credential. Happiness, tiredness.

The hospitaleo in the very first albergue said, that the Camino is only the first step, the Way begins after returning home. Will see. For me there is a walk to the end of the World (as Finisterra was thought to be in the middle ages) before.

Camino friends: Bet, Huan de Gante, Klaus, Gary, Katie, Aniko, Bart, Petra


  1. Szia Anikó!
    Szívből gratulálok a nagyszerű teljesítményhez!
    Pihenj nagyot, gyűjtsd az erőt, hogy sokat mesélhess az angol klubban!
    Puszi, Andrea

    1. Szia Andi!

      Koszi a gratulaciot, kedves, hogy koveted a fejlemenyeket.
      Hogy enyhitsem a hianyomat a klubban ime egy limerick, amit csak a Ti kedvetekert jegyeztem fel. (Remelem, meeg nem ismeritek.:))

      Add at udvozletemet a tobbieknek.
      Puszi, Aniko

      There was a young lady named Bright,
      Whose speed was far faster than light;
      She started one day
      In a relative way,
      And returned on the previous night.