Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Successfully arrived to Barcelona. I have to wait a half an hour to check in but till then I am allowed to use the common area including the Internet. So I am using the opportunity. :) So long so good. :)
I like Catalonia (Catalunya) as they have the same letter, ´ny´, that I have in my name and pronounce in the same way! Ergo they can pronounce my name correctly. Hurray!

Szerencsesem megerkeztem Barcelonaba. Picit varni kell a bejelentkezessel, addig is ´orvul´ hasznalom az internetjuket. :)
Tetszik ez a Katalan nyelv: van ´ny´ betujuk, raadasul ugy ejtik mint mi, uh. veegre valahol ki tudjak ejteni rendesen a nevemet. Hurra! :))

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