Wednesday, 5 June 2013

130 kms to Santiago

Today we stay in an albergue (hostel for pilgrims) where they not only have computer with internet but also it is free. :) Usually there are wifi in the albergue but I have no wifi-capable device with me. Computer with internet is not so common because everybody use wifi. Except of me...

Yesterday I saw a sweet little dragon. It must be a dragon as it was too huge to be a lizard...

The landscape is still picturesque but differs from the one there was at the beginning. Now there are bushes in bright rosa, yellow and white colours. There were also parcels of vineyards with organised lines of vine.

Time after time I met the same group of peoples: eg. 'the four Musketeers' (Gary from England, Klaus from Austria, Bart and Jean from Belgium), Kathie (US, California), Michael (complicated: Japan & US & Spain) and friends, and a Slovakian climber girl: Petra. And now I tend to search for them and stay in the same albergue.
There was time in my Camino when I intentionally not stayed in the cities / villages the book of John Brierley offers to avoid the ´crowd´. But for now I realised that the cities he suggest is really worth to see. I mean see without backpack. :) So right now I also follow the stages the ´orange book´ offers.

Now we are enough close to Santiago that the pilgrims who has only one weak for the Camino appear. At least according to the guide book. Till now I have not sensed too much from it.

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