Wednesday, 15 May 2013

First steps

Where to start? Such a many things happened in a few days. Right on the second day I had a feeling if we had been walking for at least two weeks.

I was afraid of the crowd but there is no crowd though sometimes there are many-many people together. They are only many-many friendly people.

It was also interesting that people (at least the ones I met) tend to use the "traditional" way of communication. I mean if they searched for somebody they just meet they do not use mobile phone but ask the other pilgrims. They even not change telephone number or e-mail address only when they say good-bye.

Today I said good-bye to the company I was walking with from the beginning, as we had different time-frames, speed and sphere of interest. It is somehow sad to let friends go but this happens without Camino as well.

Indeed Gary from England said good-bye to us yesterday as he felt like to stay in a really nice and tempting:) albergue in Puente la Reina. And since them it has happened more then once that we prepared with 5 chairs by eating though only 4 of us remained. He remained belonging to the group. :)

The landscape is really picturesque: lush green field of grains framed by bright yellow rapes, happy-red poppys, shy-pale-purple tiny thimes and many other type of flowers, vineyard, olive plantations, scattered tiny cosy villages with special atmosphere caused both by the style of buildings and the friendly, smiling inhabitants.

Only 765 kms are left :)

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  1. Szia,

    orulok, hogy eddig minden jol alakul, kedves, rendes emberekkel vagy korulveve. Ugy tunik en konstans zarandoklaton vagyok, a mobilszamomat csak hosszas megfontolas utan adom oda barkinek is... :) :)